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Elevating Sports Communities


Welcome to 444 Digital Sports Agency and TV & Radio Station], a dedicated service from 444.com.au specifically created for sports clubs through www.nftsports.com.au. Our mission is to bring local sports clubs closer to their community through innovative broadcasting solutions.

What We Offer

Weekly TV and Radio Segments: We dedicate 30 minutes each week to feature your sports club, its players, and sponsors. These segments are broadcasted every Monday and Tuesday afternoon from our state-of-the-art studio located at 955 King Georges Road, Blakehurst. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your club’s achievements, upcoming events, and key messages to a broader audience.

Exclusive Club Features: Our broadcasts highlight the unique stories and successes of local sports clubs. Whether it’s player interviews, match previews, or community initiatives, we ensure your club gets the spotlight it deserves.

Engaging Content Creation: Our team of experienced content creators and broadcasters works closely with your club to produce high-quality, engaging content. From interviews and highlights to special features, we make sure your club’s voice is heard loud and clear.

Interactive Fan Engagement: Through our broadcasts, we offer various interactive opportunities for fans to engage with their favorite clubs. This includes live call-ins, social media interactions, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Support for Sponsors: We provide a platform for your club’s sponsors to gain visibility and connect with the local community. Highlighting sponsor contributions and advertising their services or products during broadcasts adds value to your sponsorship packages.

How to Get Involved

Joining our broadcasting platform is simple and beneficial for your club. We offer these services at no cost to ensure that every club has the opportunity to enhance their presence and connect with their supporters.

Ready to Elevate Your Club’s Presence? Contact us today to schedule your club’s segment and start benefiting from our comprehensive broadcasting services.